Piping Tips and Techniques for Cake Decorating

Cake Decorating

There is no doubt that Cake Decorating is serious business. Unfortunately, while plain cakes might be pretty easy to work around, many find it difficult to learn and use the different cake piping techniques which can significantly affect the business considering how much creativity is needed in cake decoration.

It is important that some things are said about icing and the different types to have a better understanding of piping and the appropriate kind of icing to use.

Basically, any kind of icing can be used for piping. However, it is always advised that the royal icing is used when piping a cake with Fondant and the Swiss meringue buttercream when piping on buttercream. As said earlier, this rule is not particularly cast in iron but it is advised for the best results.

Piping Tips and Techniques:


It is popularly said that whoever fails to plan, plans to fail and this is not different even in piping. It is always best to have a plan before you even start piping. This can make or mar your piping as it is quite easy and not uncommon for people to get stuck in the middle of a project. Planning is quite easy as you just have to sketch or map out your ideas and how you want your decoration to look like.


Behind every beautiful cake is a cake decorator with weeks, months, and even years of continuous practice. It is no enough to wake up one morning and decide to begin piping unless you are already an expert which must have also required constant practice. It is therefore an important tip to be followed by anyone intending to become a successful cake decorator.


This is another important piping tip especially as it concerns the icing. Inconsistency with the icing would usually lead to having air bubbles in the bag of icing which is definitely not a good thing for piping. You therefore want to ensure that the air bubbles are removed from the bag, by squeezing it gently before you tie the bag.

Handling The Piping Bag

Getting the icing ready is just one step towards a successful and beautiful piping work. Handling the piping bag is the next important step and technique that should be mastered.

The bag can be held in different ways depending on which one makes you more comfortable and you find easy to work with, even as quality is not compromised.

A consistently correct icing will not break after piping a string between your fingers and if this occurs, it is advised that you add some powdered sugar to the icing as it is most likely you have an icing that is too wet for piping. And if you have an icing that is hard or too dry, it is best you add a little water for easy piping.

Piping And Some Techniques

Having made a perfect icing for your piping, the next step will be piping or practicing the different piping techniques. It is advised that when you pipe or practice, guide the icing to move in the direction you want it as opposed to forcing it to go where you want. An easy way is to exploit gravity and let the phenomenon help you with your piping as it is much easier and effective. It is also important to keep the tip off the cake as you pipe.

One piping practice technique that is common to beginners is to use glassware which could either be a flat bottle or a goblet. While practicing on a mat might not be a bad idea, upright glassware gives a better a more realistic piping practice considering that most cake decorating has to do with the side of the cake which is usually in an upright position. As mentioned earlier, it is best you keep the tip off the surface of the cake or glassware in this case.

One very popular piping technique especially among brides is the filigree technique. This can be done by free-hand design. One very important point with this technique is to always have the letters ā€œSā€ and ā€œCā€ in mind when doing the filigree piping style.

Once you are done with piping, clean up your mistakes with a damp paintbrush. You are bound to have some slip-ups or mistakes but with constant practice, you can be sure to master the different techniques and even incorporate easy cake frosting into your works to improve your creativity and of course, make more money.